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Welcome to the Lizard Lounge, we will be pleased to seat you. The entertainment this evening is none other than Auroras, hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Bringing you their carefully curated blend of Desert Rock meets Brit Rock, we truly hope you will join us on the journey we are about to embark on.

Think 1970’s Las Vegas. You pull your 1971 Cadillac Eldorado into the valet and enter the Palms Hotel & Casino to find a cocktail bar that resembles something out of a movie, astutely arranged to draw you attention to the odd and objectionable characters who occupy it. Proceeding to seat you, the hostess asks your name, which you swiftly decline to give. This is lawless country; this is no place for civilized humans, no place for anyone with a firm belief in regulation, red tape, or a dress code which references footwear. 

As the needle drops on Auroras’ album, the cocktail lounge swells with the noise of fellow patrons and pianos playing to choke the lewd conversation coming from the far west corner, which is almost barely recognizable as human. But as that moment falls to a whisper, the band enters with their lead single Isolation Blues, and only then is it revealed how the evening’s expectations for truculence, debauchery and  unsavoury behaviour will be shaped.

The band continues with Speed Demon, bringing you to a place no more than 5 miles southwest from the Lizard Lounge’s corner booth you so comfortably occupy, transporting you on a journey to a desert road to tell a tale of heartbreak, painful memories, and a fiery demise.

As the album leads to a close, the patrons soon realize they have been both swept off and promptly returned to the discomfort of the Lizard Lounge they so dearly hoped would be their haven, and not the foreshadowing of their ultimate resting place. As Richard Jacquard (vocals, guitar), Nate Parsons (bass, vocals) and Brian Welsch (drums) exit the stage, a disingenuous thanks is bestowed upon them from an audience of caricature-looking guests we would choose never to see again. 


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